Hello, friends. Thanks for visiting my site. Here's a little info about me and my life. Be sure to check out my available books and any upcoming projects.

I love books, everything about them. I love reading them and I love writing them. I've always thought a full-stocked bookcase is one of the most beautiful things in a home, at once a repository of human knowledge and an open invitation to learn something new. To me, reading and writing are meditative. I love to lose myself in a good story and I love taking people along for the ride.

I identify myself as an author of imaginative fiction. What I write (or at least, what I aspire to write) would find a comfortable home beside the works of Ray Bradbury or Rod Serling. I'll write about spaceships catapulting across the Void or about the weird noise from across the room. I don't limit myself to any genre and my tastes are as mercurial as the ghost of Christmas-Yet-To-Come. My only goal is to offer as many readers as possible a bit of inexpensive grand entertainment. I hope I can entertain you.

I live in Northern California where my days consist of elementary school teaching, gourmet cooking, reading, writing, and graphic design. My hobbies consist of computer gaming, amateur astronomy and daydreaming. My lovely wife and I have two children and a rather needy dog.


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