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Down the Rabbit Hole We Go!

Posted by M. H. Tardiff on Monday, August 24, 2015,
You know how it is: one minute your doing research for a short story, reading articles and watching YouTube videos about the sordid history of televangelism, and the next you're whisked away on Willy Wonka's nightmare barge of click-bait recommended videos.

I swear I've once looked up a recipe for fried rice and wound up learning more than I care to know about the Illuminati connection to Mormonism and the supposed mating habits of reptilian aliens from the Pleiades. But hey...I made some good...
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Captain Martini Olive and the Attack of the Radioactive Underpants

Posted by M. H. Tardiff on Tuesday, August 4, 2015,
How's that for a headline? It's got nothing to do with the subject of this post, I am just feeling silly and stupid, which is to say normal. Actually, I've been away from the blog-o-sphere for almost a month and am itching to write something, regardless of how mundane or insane. Although some radioactive underpants would be nice.

Anyway, I've been hard at work on another short story, making it the best I can before letting it fly free of its cage, which is to say my mind. I want to complete a ...
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