Okay, so I'm not really a tamale. But I sure would like one. And you are what you eat, as they say. So I guess I should say I will be a tamale in a few hours.

Life has thrown me a few curves as of late. I won't bore any of you with details, but let's just say the curves are not all bad (though that implies they aren't all good, either). One good curve: I have happily completed the renovation of my master bedroom and office, which has made my writing life a much more pleasant and feasible one.

Although I am hard at work on a new story (and have recently published 'Hack' to Kindle), I have nothing very profound to write today. I simply wanted to post something to let my legions of followers, which probably consists of my lovely wife, her niece and some overworked janitor in Poughkeepsie, know that I have not given up on this insane dream of being a somewhat less-smallish fish in a gargantuan ocean of writers. I will endeavor to blog more, now that I have a place to blog from.

And now, a few notes "from the edge" (of what, I'm not sure...Reality? Sanity? Tamale-ity?)

I recently entered a poetry contest at Event Horizon Magazine in which I, predictably, did not win. I am not a poet and I do know it. I did it as an exercise to force me out of my comfort zone, so I am not the least bit upset. It was fun to write a couple of poems (something I am not very good at) and submit them to a contest. I encourage anyone who wants to try for next year's prize to check out their website and give it a go.

Besides short-story writing and novel-writing and generally being obnoxious, I have started to put together an outline for a book (or possibly series of books) about the paranormal. In most people's eyes, I would be classified as a pretty skeptical person, but I think I can bring a fresh take on the subject. I 'll make no secret that I was long-ago inspired by the Mighty William Corliss and his Catalogue of Anamolies. He rarely went into the territories I'd like to cover (i.e. UFOs, ESP, phantoms and the like), but I don't think he'd scoff at what I am ultimately aiming for. Maybe I'll blog a little more about it next time. This project is completely embryonic at this point and is something I work on whenever I feel like it, but maybe someday...

My next story will be titled "A Night Out With Stu and George". I am writing it as a comedy and so far I am very happy with the results. I suspect it will be finished by late April. When I have completed a set of nine stories, I will publish them as a second collection. From there, I'll crank out Ravenous, a thriller I have been eager to write for some time. I have the prologue complete and may post that on this site once I get started.

Anyway, I hope to start weekly (or some semblance thereof) blogs again. Here's hoping. And now, time for a tamale! 

Everyone have a great week.