By night, I write stories of fantastic lands and wondrous times. By day, I cook, clean, teach and renovate my jalopy of a dwelling into something akin to Wayne Manor. Normally, my diurnal dilemmas aren't an impediment to my nocturnal shenanigans, but this week I've been constructing a nice big tool shed in my backyard and it has taken the wind from my sails.

It's coming along nicely, though in its embryonic/skeletal state, it looks a bit like a Grecian temple, I had fun today wrapping myself in an old bed sheet and shouting "DESTROY ARGOS!" from the door frame.

Then the neighbor lady yelled at me and my dog pooped on the lawn.

And no one can be Zeus while seeing a dog poop.

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed and pass out. I'll be back next week with something worthwhile. Promise.

Have a great week, everyone.