Okay, I told myself when I started this blog a million years ago that I would never turn it into some political soap box. This is first and foremost a blog about writing: the craft as it relates to our culture and my own time on Earth.

But, seeing as how everyone this side of the Andromeda Galaxy has an opinion on the recent presidential election, I suppose it would be appropriate for me to add my ten cents to the kitty.

I have no intention of defending Donald Trump or condemning him. I voted for him, but it wasn't because of some attraction I had (I had long-been a Ted Cruz supporter). Between bouts of Clinton supporters sobbing and whining like an army of four-year-olds forced to eat brussels sprouts, I have found myself more and more baffled at why the hell anyone with a single working synapse would ever think that Hillary Clinton, a known and confirmed criminal with numerous ties to despots and financial monkey business, would make a decent president.

I thought Bernie Sanders was a poor choice for president, but I would not be confused as to why someone would vote for him. His promises were little more than rehashed socialist ideas scraped from the bottom on the saucepan of bad decisions, but he seemed sincere and, to my knowledge, did not have any sort of criminal record or intent. I wouldn't agree with the practice, but I can understand why a Bernie supporter would feel justified in mounting some post-election protest as Clinton supporters are currently doing. Clinton supporters have no justification for protesting anything. They were trying to elect a person who had committed crimes that would send any of them away to jail for the better part of a century.

I just don't get it.

Criticisms of Trump generally amounted to him being a meanie or saying vulgar things, as if the American people are a bunch of pearl-clutching, knitting-class dropouts who never heard the term 'pussy' outside the cat food aisle. Is this the basis for people not voting for him? Yes, I know he's been stuck with every '-ist' and '-ism' label known to man, but that kind of silly hyperbole has been used so much for so long about anyone not favored by the media that I find it hard to believe it has any effect. Apparently it does have an effect, if the countless protests and YouTube snot-fests are any indication.

Like it or not, folks, Trump won and Clinton lost. I hope he does well in his position and our country flourishes. But I will never understand ideological contrarianism. If Trump does well and America enters a new shiny-metal age, it won't mean anything to some people. There will always be people who hate whoever's not 'their guy'.

Anyway, that's my ten cents. I'll try to blog more frequently. Until next time, have a great week!