I have just published my latest short story, The Banal Mister Baxter, on Amazon:

The story is currently only available for Kindle, but even if you don't have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle reader and read it on your desktop computer. And if you don't have a desktop computer, just how in the heck are you reading this?

Nevermind. The story is available for free (as in zero dineros) between June 12th and 14th. After that, I'm going to become a greedy capitalist and demand 99 cents. I've also posted some other past stories for free, so you can get those too, you cheapskates. If you download any of my work, be sure to leave a review at Amazon. Be honest. I don't mind if you think something stinks, but I do ask you be constructive. Then again, I like tummy rubs and scratches behind the ear, too.

Over the rest of 2015, I intend to finish my latest anthology, which will include the upcoming stories:

Hack - The story of a serial killer known as the 'Cereal Killer'.

Snow Day - Paul sits in school and longs to play in the snow. Did I say snow? I meant "snow".

We No Meat - First contact with extraterrestrials will shatter assumptions.

Final Solution - The sequel to 'The Water Thief'.

It's a ton of work, but I'm up for the challenge. I will start on my new novel in 2016: Ravenous. I'll keep everyone posted.

In other news...

I read that Christopher Lee died. The world is better for him having graced us with his presence. I truly mean that. He was great in everything he played in. He even produced some delightfully cheesy metal music (yes, the kind where they choke electric guitars just before bashing them against the stage).

Jurassic World opens in a day or so and my son is stoked to see it. I loved the first movie (the sequels were watchable, but not great), even though the book was astronomically better. I think I made a believer out of my son when I took him to see the original Jurassic Park in 3D a couple of years ago. I typically hate 3D movies, but this (a 20 year old conversion!) was amazing. The T-Rex looked incredibly life-like and was more convincing that any CGI ever made (and I am a fan of great CGI). I like Chris Pratt, too. He's a likable guy and seems down-to-Earth.

A great, simple way to prepare boneless chicken breast: whisk one egg, some milk and a splash of Red Hot sauce together in one bowl and put flour and a bit of garlic powder, salt and pepper in another. Dip the breasts in the egg, then coat with flour, then egg again, then flour. Slap those puppies in a medium-hot frying pan and a couple of teaspoons of melted shortening. Cook 5 or 6 minutes (about) per side until there's no pink. The chicken doesn't absorb much fat and stays very moist. Serve with sauteed asparagus and sweet potatoes.

As you probably didn't know, my lovely wife makes soap. Yes...soap. All the years hanging around me probably made it necessary. Actually, she is quite the amateur chemist and sometime last year discovered soap-making as a fun way to express her scientific obsessions. It was either that or creating zombies. She'll have a website up any day now that you can check out. For now, you can check out her blog: https://centralvalleysoap.wordpress.com/

Whoa! A blog within a blog! That's some meta stuff right there...

Have a great week, everyone.